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November 2022

entrepreneur, community leader, and octogenarian

Galen Wood on The Ego Project

Galen offers insight on:

-How the healed ego can be the rudder to keep you on the right path
-Using curiosity as the engine for your life
-The importance of finding and staying on "purpose"
-Being intentional with your decisions for yourself, your family, your business, and your community

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Galen Wood on The Ego Project
Jena Young

October 2022

leader, entrepreneur, and multi-business owner

Jena Young on The Ego Project Podcast

Jena offers insight on:

- How managing her own ego and energy has improved personal and professional relationships.

- How knowing and living our personal values can help leaders improve our professional lives.

- The difference between being happy and being in alignment.

- How "soft" skills can build a strong business.

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Rhys Thorvald-Hansen

September 2022

artist, entrepreneur, and non-binary

Rhys-Thorvald Hansen on The Ego Project Podcast

Rhys offers insight on:

- Ego work around gender identity
- The function of gender, including the power structure embedded in cultures
- How deconstructing ideas and beliefs is a skill we can all learn
- Using stillness to deepen creativity
- The importance of embracing gender euphoria

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August 2022

empath, intuitive tarot reader, and artist

Sarah Vrba on The Ego Project Podcast

Sarah offers insight for empaths on:

-The importance of listening to your body's messages

-Her ego work around being an empath with a public image

-How allowing her authentic self to shine has improved her career

-Recognizing and naming your internal "judge" to heal ego wounds

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Sarah Vrba
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