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Healing Parental Wounding: The Gift You Give Yourself

Healing Parental Wounding
Healing Parental Wounding

One of the most loving things we can do for ourselves is invest in healing our wounds. The time we spend exploring the behaviors and beliefs that keep us from living full and happy lives is time well-spent. Where many people struggle on their healing journey is when they realize that some of those wounds were created by the people they trusted the most: their parents.

Therapist and co-host of The Ego Project Podcast, Cristine Seidell, explains in the Parental Wounding episode that the ego wounding from parent to child is not always big "T" trauma, such as abandonment, physical abuse, or neglect. Sometimes it can be little "t" traumas like control, emotional withdrawal, or repetitive criticism. Sadly, many parent/child relationships never fully evolve from when the wounding occurred.

So how do you begin healing those parental wounds? In the video below, Cristine offers the beginning steps to take toward healing: Awareness. Acceptance. Action.

In the full episode on Parental Wounding, Cristine and Lisa explore how parental wounding occurs, why ages 0-6 are pivotal in a child's development, and how parents can avoid "parental fragility" when healing with their child.

Listen to full podcast episode or watch the episode on YouTube.


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