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The Ego Project is where we do the perfectly-imperfect work of healing our ego wounds and creating fulfilling lives.


The Ego Project was created by us, therapist Cristine Seidell and author Lisa Heidle, to share our position that the ego has gotten a bad rap. We believe the ego is an innate and intrinsic aspect of who we are. It's the part of us that tells us that love and belonging are our birthright. That we are worthy. Our ego helps us envision and dream, then motivates us to go after what we desire.


Then why are we bombarded with messages that the ego is bad and must be eliminated?

We believe it's the misuse of the word and a misunderstanding between the healthy ego and the wounded ego that causes confusion. When we see unhealthy behaviors in ourselves and others, they are labeled the "ego", when, in reality, they are the wounded aspects of the ego.


How does the ego become wounded?

No two egos are wounded in the exact same way. Some people's ego are wounded through painful experiences such as rejection, neglect, or disappointment. Others through big-T traumas like abandonment or abuse. When the wounding occurs, those injured parts begin to over-power the healthy ego and we begin to navigate our lives from those ego wounded spaces. Relationships, parenting, self-identity, attachment, career, self-esteem, aging, leadership, gender roles, boundaries (or lack of), name it and the wounded ego impacts it.


So, if The Ego Project is a "project", what is the objective?

Our intention is to connect, inform, and support others on their personal healing journeys. Through one-on-one conversations on our podcast, we discuss how the wounded ego can impact our mental and spiritual health. Cristine offers how ego wounds occur, therapeutic modalities that can be helpful, and practical steps that can be used to heal those wounds. Lisa shares how spiritual insights and integrations, as well as creative practices, can support our personal growth and ego healing.

Special Guests also join us on the podcast to explore their ego wounds and how they have and are healing them. We also share Path-Pavers stories on our social media platforms. These are inspiring movers and shakers who are stepping off the well-trodden path, creating a life that excites them, and improving the world around them.

Our Reflections Blog and short videos are created to offer support to those on their own personal growth journey.

We are thrilled to have you with us on this ego healing adventure. Let's keep going and growing...together!

The Ego Project Podcast

"I listened to the ego project the other day. Just talked with my therapist about it. A real eye opener. I looked back at my childhood and can see where my ego was destroyed. Thanks for starting a very important conversation!"

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